Olsen da Veiga Solicitors


Olsen da Veiga Solicitors is a law firm that provides services in several different areas of the legal profession, especially in Company Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, International Law and Electoral Law; in these spheres, the company acts intensely, both in the preventive fields of obligation relations, structuring business, contracts, operations of several different types, as also in the solution of conflicts that have already become established.

Ever since the company’s inception, the office seeks to provide the best services and also the adaptation of the company activities to the needs of their clients, seeking to obtain economic and financial benefits and the search for more and more efficient results – always based on criteria of legality and the fixed ethical limits of the activities of their professionals.

Olsen da Veiga Solicitors seeks to adapt to the environment and to business language by developing a proactive position which seeks to understand and contribute with the business activities of their clients.



Olsen da Veiga Solicitors is located in downtown Florianopolis, in one of the most traditional and best known buildings of the capital of Santa Catarina.

To ensure quality and make it possible to provide the best services, the office is constantly investing in technology, telecommunications, organization and management.

Av. Pref. Osmar Cunha, 183, Ed. Ceisa Center, bloco C    sala 502    FLORIANÓPOLIS    SC
+55 48 3224 0227